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Why a Regal Computer Services System or Software Solution?

Regal Computer Services has extensive experience developing database driven software, with a more recent specialization in online web based systems.

Let's face it there are 500 companies that provide an existing software "solution" to any given problem. Typically these solutions either do less than you want, or way more than you need. Leaving you to either hate using the product you are paying for or to constantly be looking for the next best thing to try to fill the gaps in what you are using!

With a Regal Computer Services product, we develop the system to your specific requirements, our pricing is very reasonable and we won't bog you down with a horrendous monthly payment.

If you can imagine it, we can build it, and it will be accessible 24/7 from your Office, your Home or on the road and hosted in a top of the line datacenter with regular backups.

We have developed systems over the last few years, ranging from:

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Examples of Recent System Designs

The two latest products we have developed that involved system design are our Core Business Care and Core Animal Care systems. For more information use the links provided, these systems automate your business and make managing your everyday tasks a lot easier and streamlined!

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