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Raccoon Damage

Raccoon Damage


You know you're in trouble when raccoons come up on the deck and look in the door to see what's happening. That's exactly what happened to these clients. After moving into a new home, the clients were surprised to find several raccoons on the deck coming up to the door to look in. That explained the noises on the roof keeping them awake each night.

They called Cory and he came out the next day to take a look. He thought that the previous owners had been feeding them and they were looking for their usual handout. He also pointed out damage to the soffits and shingles and likely entry points into the home. 


Cory trapped and relocated two families of raccoons - 6 total. The damage was repaired and the entry points sealed. Now the homeowners and their pet sleep through the night without anyone walking on the roof.

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