01 January 2010


In 2010 we partnered with Stolen Horse International to build them a new website to replace their old and outdated HTML based offering.

The NetPosse website is a complicated Database driven system able to automate many processes that SHI founder Debi Metcalfe had to do by hand at the cost of her time.

The latest incarnation of the NetPosse website (the third in 10 years) simplifies things still further and is designed to allow user submitted record keeping AND expand SHI into greater support for lost/found/stolen animals etc....

Also since 2010 RCS has provided remote support to Debi Metcalfe / SHI and established numerous other websites and services.

Current Website 2019
NetPosse.com Website circa 2019



"One of our longest running customers we have provided IT services to SHI since 2010. Providing both websites, IT support, Remote Support and more." - Daniel Paull

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